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Why Purchase Quick Coolit?

  • It’s a great gift for coffee and tea drinkers alike. And it’s really convenient.
  • Cools hot coffee or hot tea quickly.
  • Cools hot soup so you can eat it right away.
  • Doesn’t affect the taste and doesn’t dilute the flavor.
  • Prevents burned lips and tongue
  • Protects children and the elderly’s tender mouth tissue from burns.
  • Cools scalding hot liquids in just a few seconds.

Now you can quickly and safely cool scalding hot tea, coffee, soup, etc. without diluting it or affecting its taste.

Quick Coolit’s unique design uses a modern metal alloy that quickly absorbs excess heat from liquids..

Simply insert the cylindrical head of the Quick Coolit into the hot liquid and gently swirl it around for a few seconds. Immediately the temperature will drop dramatically. You can even adjust the amount of cooling from a little to a lot to get it just right!

Keep your Quick Coolit in the freezer for best results. You then can use the Quick Coolit to quickly chill a glass of wine or other beverages you prefer cold.

If you need to cool even further simply rinse Quick Coolit under tap water a few seconds and it’s ready to cool again and again as often as you like.

While Quick Coolit is dishwasher safe, we recommend giving it a quick rinse or hand washing as some dishwasher detergents will tarnish its finish. It won’t affect its ability to cool liquids however.

Let us know if you discover any additional uses for the Quick Coolit.

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